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The Teads Click ID is vital for measuring and reporting the performances of your campaigns. Its value is stored in a first-party cookie, and a prerequisite to use this cookie is to ensure that the Teads Click ID is properly conveyed from the publisher's website where your ad is displayed to your website.

If you use third-party click trackers like Google Campaign Manager (formerly DCM), Sizmek, or Adform, you'll have to tell those platforms that a custom parameter, the Teads Click ID (named auctid in the URL), is going to transit.

For the following examples, let's say your landing page URL of your ad is https://www.fancy-advertiser.com/product?id=42&utm=Teads

Google Campaign Manager 360

  1. Click on your tracker URL (i.e., this kind of URL https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/trackclk/N4242.BLABLA/B45678;dc_trk_aid=...)

  2. Copy the URL* that opens up in your browser.

  3. Add this URL (which is your landing page URL) to your existing click tracker (make sure to add a question mark in between).

  4. Use this new URL in the setup of your creatives on Teads Ads Manager


  • Please make sure to remove the Google click ID from the resolved URL.

  • For any landing page changes mid-flight, ensure to adapt the URL in the click trough field in the Creative Editor.

For more advanced users of Campaign Manager 360, you can also use the %p macro as described here: https://support.google.com/campaignmanager/table/6096962?hl=en#pattern


  1. Add the following parameter to your Sizmek URL: &LineID=$$[AUCTID]$$

  2. Use this new URL in the setup of your creatives on Teads Ads Manager

  3. Configure Sizmek to use the [%tp_LineID%] token in your landing page URL

  4. Your landing page URL setup in Sizmek should look like this: https://www.fancy-advertiser.com/product?id=42&utm=Teads&auctid=[%tp_LineID%]


  1. Add the ;urlappend= parameter to the click tracker.

  2. Attach the auctid parameters manually

  3. You will end with something like this: https://track.adform.net/C/?bn...;urlappend=&auctid=[AUCTID]

  4. Use this new URL in the setup of your creatives on Teads Ads Manager

For other click trackers providers, we suggest asking them for similar process documentation.

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