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The goal of Smart6 is to display 6 seconds video with the highest completion rate possible while having the best non-intrusive user experience.

Smart6 is:

  • Designed to maximize viewability and completion

  • Drive high ad recall

  • Optimized for mobile and desktop experience

It is available only for Branding campaigns with 6 seconds Landscape Video.

TAM scans each creative and if the duration of the video is 6 seconds long, Smart6 is automatically activated.

Once Smart6 is activated for a creative, the preview links will automatically show the Smart6 behavior.

To know the performance of all your Smart6 creative, you can use the dimension ‘Creative Type’ in the TAM reporting.

If you do not want your 6-second videos to run on Smart6, you can use the Position targeting at the Line Item level to deactivate it.

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