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The Traffic Acquisition - Amazon Attribution BETA solution combines Teads’ AI driven CTR optimization to drive maximum traffic to the Amazon retail store with the Amazon Attribution pixel & console to measure the retail ROI.

How does Amazon Attribution Beta work in TAM?

  • You will have to generate an Amazon Attribution pixel for Teads activity on the Amazon Attribution Beta console.

  • Sets up a Traffic Acquisition campaign on TAM with CTR optimization, driving to the Amazon retail product page. The Amazon Attribution pixels should be placed here.

  • Go live

  • Then, you will be able to track Amazon retail metrics on the Amazon Attribution Beta console and share the reporting with us.

Common questions & answers

What Traffic Acquisition bidding optimization is available behind this solution?

As you will NOT be able to use Teads’ pixel, the recommended Teads bidding strategies are "minimize my cost per click" and "reach my target CTR".

Can I use Amazon Attribution Beta?

You may have access to Amazon Attribution Beta console (more details here) - US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES & DE markets only.

What can I report on?

On Teads, you will be able to report on CTR, clicks, CPC and eCPM

On Amazon Attribution, you will be able to report on Amazon retail metrics including Total ROAS and Detail Page Views (Product Page Views on Amazon).

Can I give Teads access to Amazon Attribution Beta?

Yes, you can grant permission for users directly within the console.

  • Select “Manage” at the top navigation,

  • then select “User Management” to add users.

Can Teads optimize towards Amazon retail metrics?

The solution only allows Teads to measure, NOT optimize towards Amazon retail metrics.

Does Amazon Attribution rely on Teads pixel?

No - the solution leverages Amazon Attribution pixels generated from the Amazon Attribution console.

Can we place the Teads Universal Pixel on Amazon?

No - Amazon retail does NOT permit 3rd party tracking on its retail store.

Can I use Amazon Dynamic E-Commerce Ads?

No - Amazon Dynamic E-Commerce Ads are a proprietary Amazon format designed for conversions campaigns and ONLY available via Amazon DSP.
We recommend to use our best performing Traffic Acquisition creatives: Single Image, Single Video (and Carousel).

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