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The targeting section Mobile Devices is now available under the Technology targeting section!

Teads Mobile Device targeting option allows you to target users based on their precise mobile model. For example, mobile brands could target device users of other brands or users of older device models.

The following criteria is available to target:

  • Mobile Carriers

  • Mobile Models (e.g: Samsung S10)

  • Mobile Brands (e.g: Samsung, Huawei,…)

  • Mobile Category (e.g: Premium or Low Cost devices)

Benefits of Mobile Device targeting:

  • The data is determistic, meaning at the moment of the visit, we determine that a user is using a Samsung S8 for instance, thanks to information sent by the browser

  • It is cookieless by design, as we do not rely on any user identification

How does it work?

Within the targeting selection of the line item, you can find Mobile Devices within the technology section.

Here you will see the option to include or exclude each parameter:

1) Mobile Carrier allows you to target by internet service provider. E.g. you can target all smartphone users using T-Mobile etc...

2) If you need to narrow down further to a specific model then you can select Mobile Model to target more precise models e.g. more recent Apple models:


For iPhone targeting: You can separately target users having following models : iPhones 3, 4, 5, 6, SE, 7, 8, 9 and X... But you must group iPhone models XR/XS/11/12 and related ones (eg: 11 pro) within the same line item. We can't identify them separately, in an accurate way, because of restrictions put in place by Apple.

3) You can simply select a Mobile Brand that you would like to target. E.g. Samsung as per the below example:

4) Mobile Category allows targeting by category/ market range/ market tiers. You can specify: Premium, High tier, Mid tier, Low tier, Entry level according to your targeting strategy.

When setting up any of this criteria, the planning gauge will update to estimate the potential of delivery (Ad Opportunities) or the estimated users that can be reached (Teads IDs)

This will consider all targeting parameters applied in the line item (geo, brand safety etc...)

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