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For advanced support, please feel free to reach out to us through Intercom


Once your campaign is up and running, navigating to your campaign dashboard is a great way to get a quick screenshot of your pacing and performance.

If your campaign is facing pacing issues, the Auction tab is a the perfect way to gain insight on what are the campaign variables that are affecting your campaign delivery. Learn more


If your campaign is running late or not reaching the expected outcomes, you will find below a few recommendations:


    • Ensure your bid is high enough to be competitive on Teads network. This is especially if you have a strict targeting applied (=low reach) or if you are leveraging one of our Advanced Optimization (target Cost Per Visit, target CTR or target Bounce Rate).

      • Increase your bid by 10%-20%

      • Expand your inventory targeting

      • Increase your target if one is applied

    • Feel free to reach out to us through Intercom for bid guidance


    • Maximize campaign reach to give enough room to our machine learning algorithm

      • Try to relax and/or expand your targeting

      • You can also consider removing frequency capping


    • Make sure to use our best performing formats: Single Image and Single Video

    • Single Image supports Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology. You can ad up to 5 headlines, 5 images, 5 call to actions (CTAs) & our machine learning automatically chooses the best combinations of your assets. Add as many asset variations as possible to get the best results.

    • If you don't use Single Image DCO, assign at least 5 creatives to a line item. Keep Creative optimization activated, this will ensure our machine learning selects the best creative for each ad opportunity.

    • Adapt your CTA, CTA color & description with your landing page. It is recommended to A/B test different CTAs e.g. Buy Now and Learn More.

    • Use the CTR target to reach your expected CTR. Note: using a target will impact your campaign delivery if the target is too strict or if your bid is too low. When applying a target we recommend to increase your bid.

    • Keep the Automatic Position targeting setting enabled to ensure maximum scale.

    • Keep in mind the Social Post Video & Image formats are mobile only and have less scale (no delivery in desktop and banner placements).


    • Make sure Teads pixel is properly firing in the header of your website on both mobile & desktop urls (if they are different e.g: m.www.product.com and www.product.com)

    • Make sure that there were no error when setting up the pixel

      • Double check that the script used is correct - refers to the Events Manager tab to confirm

    • Confirm conversion set-up

      • URL Based Event: ensure the url entered is correct and match a live page on your website

      • Code Based Event: ensure that the script is correctly placed and on the right event

    • Check the loading time of your website.


    • Ensure our Teads Universal Pixel is correctly placed in the header of your website: meaning triggered on all the pages on both mobile & desktop.

    • Ensure the right correct is selected:

    • A few tips on improving quality metrics. Note that proper setup of our pixel is required to optimize below metrics

      • Improving Time Spent: Landing page with enough content to read, such as a description of the products you offer or blogs are the type of landing pages generating the highest time spent.

      • Bounce Rate: Make sure that the landing page used is just an entry point to your website, allowing users to explore your offering more in details by clicking on specific links. Landing page such as a product catalogue, or website homepage are the type of pages generating the highest bounce rate

    • Tag the funnel of conversion of your website to get more insights as to how Teads traffic behave on your website, and understand potential lower funnel impacts (on your leads and sales for instance).

    • Please note that it will no longer be possible to measure conversions when the objective is generating Clicks (CPC or CTR optimization). This option remains only available for Visits.

    • Use macros to better understand the effectiveness of your ads. Learn more

    • Use target feature to improve the performances and reach your expected Cost Per Visit, Bounce Rate or CTR target. Note: using a target might impact your campaign delivery if the target is too strict or if your bid is too low. When applying a target we do also recommend you to increase your bid.

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