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Teads Ad Manager Creative Editor has a lot of functionalities to make your creative journey easier:


Using several creative variations in Performance campaigns is key for achieving better campaign outcomes e.g. lower CPC, lower cost per quality visits, etc.

Creative Editor now supports Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for the Single Image format, enabling you to use more asset variations to increase campaign performance.

  • The Single Image DCO technology supports image, headline and CTA variations in the same dynamic creative. Using new machine learning algorithms, it automatically selects at delivery time the asset combination most likely to achieve the desired outcome.

  • DCO replaces the previous Dynamic Ads feature which bulk generates multiple standalone creatives.

  • With Single Image DCO, you can use up to 5 headlines, 5 images and 5 call to actions (in total, up to 125 creative variations compared to maximum 16 variations using Dynamic Ads).


Step-by step process:

  • To add a new headline, enter the text in the Add Headline Variation field and press tab or Enter key, or click outside of the field. If you change your mind about a headline, you can replace it or delete it.

  • You can upload multiple images at the same time. Use Ctrl or Command key to select multiple files in the file selector.

    • When selecting more images than allowed or images that do not meet the requirements (e.g. smaller than 1200x627 px), a pop-up will prompt you to review the image selection:

    • You can also see how many images you can select for upload or which images are not eligible for upload.

Note: Images with an aspect ratio different than 1.91:1 are cropped automatically. After successful upload, you can check the image in the ad preview and adjust the crop if needed.
  • For call to action setup:

    • First select the desired language.

    • You can then quickly select multiple call to actions from the predefined CTA List menu. When reaching the limit, the other options become disabled.

    • Alternatively, you can manually enter predefined or custom CTAs in the input field (predefined values are automatically suggested as you type).

    • If you change your mind about a CTA, you can quickly delete it using the X button.

    • To change the CTA button color, use the color icon before the CTA menu and copy-paste the desired hex code. For example, if you want to use your own brand color instead of the default one.

    • As a best practice, keep the Learn More option and use the maximum number of available CTAs.

  • The ad preview shows the most recently highlighted headline, image and call to action. Selecting a different headline field, image card or call to action will automatically update the ad preview. Use this feature if you want to review different creative variations.

  • Upon save, only one dynamic creative including all asset variations is created. When editing this creative, you can edit all asset variations.

  • The preview link only shows a default asset combination.

  • Campaign dashboards and reporting provide aggregate data for all variations.

Existing Single Image creatives cannot be converted to DCO. Editing past Single Image creatives does not allow adding asset variations.


Creative Editor call-to-action menu now offers an option to use custom text.

The custom call-to-action should be concise and up to 20 characters.

For Social Layout 1 creatives, it should be less than 15 characters to allow enough space for the headline on smaller devices.

Please note that you can still use one of the default CTA options.


Dynamic Keywords insertion allows ads to adapt to various users depending on their location and/or day of the week. This feature is aimed at increasing relevant traffic to Advertiser websites, by making ads appear more relevant.

In the Creative Editor, you can now insert {KeyWords} into your creative headline or description.

The words that can be dynamically added are: City, Country, Day of the week.

The ad text displayed to the user will be dynamically populated with the appropriate value.

The benefit of using Dynamic Keywords in ads is that it can improve your quality score by matching your ad copy more closely with the context of the user. A better user experience means a greater chance of increasing traffic to your website!

  1. Type "/keyword" in the headline or description field so that the different dynamic keywords appear

  2. Select the one(s) you wanna use: City, Country or Day of the week. You can of course select all of them

  3. The demo on the right is automatically updated

Specifics regarding the keyword {City}

  • The relevance of the city name displayed in the ad is strongly tied to the user's Internet connection type. Hence, when using the keyword City, it is strongly recommended to avoid displaying the ad to users with a mobile connection type.

  • If the keyword City is used, a warning is displayed when the creative is assigned to a line.

  • The recommended targeting can be automatically applied (Wifi & Wired connections).

NOTE: To test the dynamic keywords, the creative needs to be saved and attached to a line item, then go to creative preview and get the demo link.


You can now duplicate creatives built with Creative Editor in Teads Ad Manager. This makes it easier to implement different third-party trackers or add creative variations.

  1. In Creative Library, hover the creative you want to duplicate and click the more options button:

2. Select Duplicate from the menu.

The option is disabled for video upload or VAST based creatives.

3. A copy of the original creative is saved in a few moments.

4. You can edit and rename the creative as needed, then assign it to a line item.

Note: The Delete option is now available under the more options button:

It also appears for live creatives, but disabled.


Our list of supported Traffic Acquisition creatives increases today with the addition of the Social Videos.


‌You can mix different creative formats, from the same category (Viewable display or Video) into one line item.

This will improve the performance of your campaign as our machine learning algorithm will automatically select the creative that is likelier to perform based on the context of the impression.


You can change the default blue color of the call-to-action in Creative Editor for Single Image, Single Video, Carousel, Social Video & Image (Layout 2) formats.

To change the CTA color, click the color icon before the CTA menu and copy-paste the desired hex code. You can also use the color picker. If you want to go back to the default color, click on RESET.


For Single Image and Carousel, Creative Editor automatically crops uploaded images to the required aspect ratio, if they originally have a different aspect ratio. You can review and re-crop images if needed. You can also crop larger images. This makes the process of creating these ads even more seamless!

  1. After uploading an image, click Crop to adjust the image.

2. When desired size is cropped, click "CROP" to bring in the new size of the image.

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