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  • No pixel, no party, it is best to have our Teads Universal Pixel placed in order to get more site data and optimize accordingly

  • If you create a lower funnel conversion, it is recommended to utilize the URL Based Event and not the Code Based Event.

  • Make sure the pixel is placed and firing correctly prior to campaign set up

  • Have the Universal pixel placed 2 weeks prior to campaign going live and needs to be on the landing page in order to drive performance KPIs

  • If you’re implementing Teads pixels with GTM, we highly recommend using our direct integration. If you can’t find the template in GTM, contact us through Intercom


  • Select correct advertiser and if it is not listed please reach out to Teads via Intercom to have the advertiser added to the drop down

  • Ensure the campaign budget is encompassing of the total campaign budget (all line budgets combined)

  • Please give 24 hrs after pressing “GO LIVE” before analyzing the initial results

  • Keep frequency capping disabled as Teads’ natural frequency is low so will not lead to user saturation


  • Ensure the timezone is correct

  • Default pacing set to “Ahead”

  • If pacing becomes an issue, change budget to daily and set to ASAP mode to ensure we are maxing out the daily budget without spending the full budget too quickly

  • Refrain from day parting

  • Keep frequency capping disabled as Teads’ natural frequency is low so will not lead to user saturation


Teads Predictive AI analyzes over 50M prediction sets to deliver the right creative to the right user at the right time, maximizing your traffic


  • Utilize the creative editor for performance templates (Mandatory)

    • Use our best performing creatives: Single Image & Single Video

  • Single Image supports Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology. You can ad up to 5 headlines, 5 images, 5 call to actions (CTAs) & our machine learning automatically chooses the best combinations of your assets. Add as many asset variations as possible to get the best results.

  • For other formats, assign at least 5 creatives (or variations of a creative) to a line item to allow our machine learning to select the best performing one. You can use different images/videos, headlines, description, CTA text or color. Keep Creative Optimization enabled for the assigned creatives.

  • Dynamic title keywords optimize to drive ad personalization on-the-fly

    • Contact us through Intercom for text recommendations

  • Avoid any special characters (& %, etc) in the creative file/title name (that can block the creative)


More reach = more efficiency, more delivery!

In order to maximize the performance of your Traffic Acquisition campaigns by offering the best combination of campaign scale and performance, Smart Targeting (Location & Brand Safety) is the default recommended Targeting setting for Traffic Acquisitions campaigns.

  • Smart Targeting leverages advanced predictive AI to automatically target relevant audiences that are likely to drive our customers' preferred outcomes.

  • Smart Targeting audiences are limited to Location and Brand Safety. All other audiences are considered as Advanced options as they may impact campaign performance and scale.

Targeting Recommendations:
We can't know in advance what will perform best, let the machine do it for you!


  • Cross-device without budget split

  • No frequency capping on clicks & impressions

  • Default Brand Safety (per brand requirements)

Highly Recommended

  • Enable Smart Targeting

  • Use our Global Publishers targeting only the country IPs

  • No data targeting: Teads AI uses lookalikes & Teads 1st party data automatically

  • Avoid retargeting to maximize the scale and ensure price efficiency


Teads Traffic Acquisition Solution works with dynamic bids to answer current marketplace competition and price.

  • Adding the right max rate is key for success in order to ensure the rate is competitive enough based on the campaign settings.

    • If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us through Intercom.

  • Bid 10-15% higher during competitive times of the year in order to maintain a healthy win rate (end of month, end of quarter, Q4)

  • When optimizing on visits ensure to deliver at least 50 visits per day to have enough volume to optimize on.

Choose your objective


The most advanced traffic acquisition solution powered by Teads predictive AI to maximize your traffic quality, with selected KPI optimizations including incremental visits and unique clicks.

Teads Traffic Acquisition Solutions:

Goal Based Bidding - optimization behavior:

NEW! Target recommendations:

  1. Step 1: Standard Bidding Strategies

    • Always launch your campaigns with a minimize/optimize bidding strategy to not impact the delivery / exploration phase:

    • Discovery period: After 2 or 3 days of delivery, observe & compare your performance with your performance expectations:

      • If and only if the observed effective performance are below your expectations, follow step 2: Advanced Bidding Strategies.

  2. Step 2: Advanced Bidding Strategies

  • Switch to the proper advanced bidding strategy to improve your campaign performance with a target value.

Notes: when moving from step 1 (standard) to step 2 (advanced bidding strategies)

  • Set up a realistic target value (recommendation: +/- 10% compared to the effective performance you are seeing)

  • Increase your bid (recommendation: +50%)

  • Keep monitoring & gradually optimize until you reach the desired value

    • If the delivery is not impacted by your target, you can continue to reduce it gradually after a couple of days till you reach the desired value.

    • A too strict target or a bid too low may refrain / block your campaign delivery.

      • If your campaign starts under pacing, refer to the auction tab to identify the main blocker:

        • relax your target

        • increase your bid (contact us through Intercom for bid guidance)

    • Pay a particular attention to your delivery especially at the end of month, end of quarter and during Q4 when there is more competition on our network.

Additional recommendations:

  • For lower funnel reporting conversions, be sure to set the correct lookback window for post click and post view. The secondary conversions lookback window is now defaulted to PC 7 / PV 1. The lookback window for the event View Content (Visit) remains unchanged: PC 1 / PV 0.

  • If scale is limited with CPC when driving traffic quality and/or incremental site visits, switch buying model to CPM

  • Using Dynamic price you will deliver a larger number of outcomes at a better price.

  • Use Fixed price if you have to meet a certain number of adserving impressions


  • Look at the auctions tab in the dashboard to understand why you are not scaling as best you should

  • Please note the amount of daily bid requests and ensure they are large enough to scale

  • For long flights, it is best to update creatives mid flight in order to avoid user saturation of the same creative

  • If your KPI is not being met, please use site level reporting to see if there are certain sites driving performance down, then exclude from the given line item

  • Please be assured to use the same campaign time zone in order to match numbers with your dashboard

Use intercom if you have any questions on set up, pacing or performance KPIs

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