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The Cookieless Translator allows you to translate a cookie-based audience (custom audience or 1st party audience) into a cookieless audience. The tool analyses Teads IDs’ profiles from the audience source and selects the best cookieless dimensions to combine for targeting.

Please find, in this document, useful information enabling you to to use the Translator on a self-serve basis.

1. Access to Translator

1.1 Connect to Data Management

In Teads Ads Manager, the Translator is available in your seat within Data Management tab https://ads.teads.tv/data-management/cookieless-translator

1.2 Audiences available for translation

Traders can operate translations from two types of audiences:

  • Custom audiences (standard)

  • First party audiences. Including audiences onboarded through your DMP, but also pixels

Audiences available for translation are seat specific, as we silo audiences built or on-boarded to a specific TAM seat

2. Operate a translation

2.1 Generate a translation

  • Start the process by selecting an audience source

  • Choose the country for which the translation will be executed

Note: we purposefully restricted the number of countries to a single one in order to provide accurate results. Indeed, users' profiles vary according to the country

  • Planning estimations ( Ad opportunities and Teads IDs) related to the audience source are reported on the right hand side of the interface

  • Click on TRANSLATE to start the computation


  • Loading results: depending on the audience source, it can take between seconds to minutes before the results appear. We are currently working on optimizations in order to provide faster response times.

  • Translations can be saved by generating a cookieless custom audience. All saved audiences can be found in data management tile, under Custom Audiences

  • Traders can generate new translation from the same seed overtime, in order to get the most updated results

2.2 Understand results

2.2.1 Cookieless dimensions available

The Translator provides combinations of dimensions that don't rely on user identification (cookies or MAIDs).

Dimensions available in Teads Ad Manager are:

  • Demographic Teads Audiences (Age & Gender)

  • Device type (desktop, mobile, tablet)

  • OS

  • Browser

  • Teads Contextual

  • Device Name

  • Website

2.2.2 Logical operators used

  • Each combination is composed of cookieless dimensions, operated with a AND between dimensions. This logic ensures accuracy of the translation.

  • OR logical operator is used between each line. This logic ensures activation of the translation by providing scale.

2.2.3 Metrics used

For each combination, we compute two metrics:

Indexes. Numbers show how this combination is over represented compared to the average digital population (average being 100). Eg : Users from the audience source consult 6.24 times more content related to industries, on a mobile device, than the average digital population.

You can also rank results by descendant or ascendant position (available soon)

Ad opportunities. Numbers show the number of ad opportunities that matched with the combination, based on the last 30 days of delivery.

2.2.4 Recommended results

  • Combinations are ordered by a default ranking

- Results are filtered based on the reach and index

- Results are then ranked based on the index

  • Combination selected by default

Selected combinations will be used for campaign activation.

Traders can select or unselect combinations recommended for activation. Unselected combinations won’t be used for activation.

When doing so, the planning gauge updates accordingly. As a consequence, removing combinations will impact the actionable scale.

Guideline: we advise to keep all of the recommended combinations selected to maintain relevant scale.

2.3 Fine-tune results according to your objectives

When generating a translation, first results provided are based on default options. Traders have the ability to use these options and re-compute results to better reach their objectives.

2.3.1 Prefer accuracy or scale

We provide five levels of accuracy and scale that will determine results: high accuracy/ Accuracy/ Standard/ Reach/ High reach

The default behavior used for the translation is the Standard one.

2.3.2 Choose cookieless dimensions

Traders can choose to remove dimensions from the results, which gives flexibility on cookieless dimensions a trader can leverage or not in the targeting.


  • Removing dimensions can impact the actionable scale available or accuracy of results

  • Device type selection is mandatory, for technical constraints.

3. Campaign activation

When it comes to campaign activation, traders have two ways of leveraging results from our cookieless translator.

3.1 Download
Download results in a spreadsheet for insights or for an activation in a third-party platform.

3.2. Generate
Generation of a cookieless custom audience.
This audience will be targetable through a campaign set-up when using a cookieless line item and by selecting the dimension custom audiences.

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