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This feature will allow you to retarget users that have taken a specific action on your website, from visiting the website to adding an item to the basket, thanks to our Teads Universal pixel.

Before activating a retargeting strategy to your campaign, please make sure to follow Teads recommendations:

  • Retargeting lines should only be used on top of any existing lines strategy.

    • Teads do not have the supply nor the logic needed to have campaigns leveraging 100% retargeting.

  • We recommend inputting a higher price than market average to the retargeting line to increase your chances to win opportunities (We recommend multiplying standard rate card by a factor of at least 3)

  • Several retargeting segments can be used simultaneously to increase overall reach

  • The available retargeting segments are unique to a given advertiser:

    • If the advertiser is changed during campaign setup, the retargeting options will be reset with the following message:



  1. The feature needs to be activated for your seat, please reach out to us through intercom for more information

  2. A Teads pixel has to be created and active for the advertiser for which you want to create a retargeting strategy‌

Step by step:

  1. When creating the campaign, once you have selected the advertiser for which the campaign will be running, go to the targeting section

  2. Click on the retargeting option

  3. Select the standard event categorie(s) you want to positively or negatively target, you are done!


  1. The visitor of any of the websites where Teads pixel is set. Such segments are formatted as view content.

  2. Every time a standard event conversion is created and becomes active, it becomes available in the retargeting section, formatted with the same naming convention

NOTE: Remember that Teads Pixel keeps the visitor information during a floating 28 days window


Our existing methodology is relying on users that we can identify using cookies. With the disappearance of cookies in the coming years, we will be leveraging a different type of mechanism, such as FLEDGE (proposed by privacy sandbox).

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