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The bulk editing feature allows users to manage and update campaigns more efficiently. Located in between the ‘Add Line’ and ‘Creative Library’ button, when activated a pop up page with the existing Line Item details will be prompted, where you will be able to edit the following line item fields:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Budget Type

  • Budget Amount

  • Flight Dates

  • Pacing

  • Bid Price

  • Frequency Cap

  • Optimization KPI

In order to open the Bulk Edit tool, you first need to open the Campaign Editor and then click on the Bulk Edit button in the bottom toolbar:

Once you've clicked on the Bulk Edit button, the Bulk Edit tool will open, taking over the screen:

  • Double-click to edit the cell value

  • Search & filter based on column value

  • ⌘/Ctrl+C to copy one or more cells, ⌘/Ctrl+V to paste to one or multiple cells

  • Drag the cell cursor to copy information to other cells

  • ⌘/Ctrl+Z to undo and ⌘/Ctrl+⇧+Z to redo

  • Select the whole column by clicking into the table header then paste your copied value to update all the column rows

After you make the changes to the bulk edit template, click on "REVIEW AND APPLY CHANGES" then make sure all changes are correct, then click "APPLY CHANGES" and when you are back on the edit campaign screen click "UPDATE CAMPAIGN" to save the changes made.

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