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In TAM Branding campaigns, you can set up 3rd party video VAST/VPAID tags or Teads Studio VAST/VPAID tags for video or viewable display formats. All VAST/VPAID creative tags can now be set up using a generic VAST tag option, which automatically detects the format & size in most cases.

  1. In campaign editor, click the Creatives button on the bottom left side to open Creative Library.

  2. Click the New Creative button.

  3. Choose the VAST Tag option.

  4. Name the creative.

  5. Optionally, you can enter an external integration code if you want to integrate with another reporting system.

  6. Paste the VAST tag URL.

  7. The creative format & size are determined automatically for Creative Editor formats and for most Studio formats.

    • For Creative Editor VAST tags, the detected format & size cannot be changed. Note: Creative Editor Single Video, Single Image or Carousel formats are not supported in Branding campaigns

    • For Studio creatives, the detected format & size can be changed in case the creative no longer reflects the original template.

    • If the format & size cannot be determined e.g. 3rd party creatives, wrappped Teads Studio formats, you must select the format & size from the menus.

    • 6 second landscape videos by default deliver in Smart6 position. For more details, refer to Smart6 Video.

  8. You can quickly check how the ad looks like using the Preview button from the ad preview.

  9. Optionally, you can override the embedded creative click-through URL(s) for Teads Studio creatives. In this way, you can add multiple TAM creatives using the same Studio VAST tag and different click-through URLs depending on your tracking needs.

  10. Optionally, you can set flight dates for your creatives.

  11. Optionally, you can add 3rd party tracking. For more details, refer to Third party tracking options.

  12. Click the Save button.


  • When you start from line item and add a new creative to assign, you can only add either a Video or Display VAST tag based on your line item creative category selection.

  • Once you save a creative, you can no longer change the format category (e.g. change format from video to display, or viceversa).

  • If you ever need to edit a creative to change the VAST tag URL, make sure it is from the same category (video or display) as the original.

Add a Teads Studio video VAST/VPAID tag (format & size typically detected):

Add a 3rd party Video VAST/VPAID tag (format & size must be manually selected):

Add a Teads Studio viewable display VAST tag (format & size typically detected):

Configure Teads Studio click through override:

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