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Heavy Ads Intervention Introduction

Heavy Ads Interventions (HAI for short) is a Chrome/Edge browser feature that blocks ads (video or display) that use too many resources.

Ads can be affected by:

  • HAI network error, if they use more than 4MB of network data. This 4MB limit is calculated with the sum of all individual assets (videos, images, scripts...).

  • HAI CPU error, if they have CPU usage above 15-seconds in any 30-second period, or 60-seconds of in total.

This is an industry-wide measure: Heavy Ads Intervention’s thresholds apply to outstream & display ads on the open-web, from all vendors.

Teads introduced measures so that - provided your video assets are 30 seconds or less - your ads will be within acceptable weight (<4MB) and therefore safe from HAI network issues:

  • if you upload assets (video and images) directly onto TAM Creative Editor, the creative will be automatically optimised for HAI;

  • if you use Teads Studio Creatives, our Teads Designers will have already validated the creative for HAI Network issues for you.

If you need to wrap the Teads Studio creative within a 3rd party tag (for instance for ad verification), please send the tag to us after wrapping and we'll test it again.

If you are using a 3rd Party Creative Editor, the ad should be ideally tested with the support of your 3rd Party Creative Editor contact.

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