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Macros (also known as URL parameters) can help you understand the effectiveness of your ads. They work in parallel with web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics).

Find below an example of an URL containing macros (in bold):



Macros are available for branding and traffic acquisition campaigns and supported for:

  • clickthrough

  • third party tracking




Domain of the publisher where the ad was shown.


Name of the campaign that served the ad


ID of the campaign that served the ad.


Teads ID of the creative that served the ad


ID of the line item that served the ad


ID of the placement where your ad was served


Platform where the ad was served.It will return Desktop, mobile, tablet or SmartTV


A Teads unique identifier


UNIX timestamp of the selected event (click, impression, …)


URL parameters can be added on the click-through or on the tracking, here are our recommendations and best practices on how to use them on the clickthrough. Same logic applies for third party tracking:

1. Start by entering the URL where you want users to be redirected to. When your URL is complete, the +MACROS button will become available.

2. Click on the “+MACROS” button and select all the URL parameters you want to add

3. When adding the macros, you will see that Teads automatically:

  • Recommend a structure (ex: campaign_id=[AD_ID])

  • Append automatically utm_source=teads&utm_medium=referral

4. Once you have added all the macros you are interested in, you can edit the structure to match it to your analytics needs.

Additional notes:

  • Do not alter what is between brackets (the macros). Doing it will prevent the macro from working.

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