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To assign creatives to a line item:

  • Click the "Add Creative" tile on the desired line item.

  • Choose the creative type that this line item will deliver. Available creative types depend on the campaign objective.

  • Choose the size that the creatives will have: Landscape (16:9), Square (1:1) or Vertical (9:16). This is not applicable for Creative Editor formats.

  • Assign a creative: at least one creative must be assigned on the line item. You can assign multiple creative with multiple sizes and format in the same line but they all must be of the same type (Video or Display)*

*If you have to split to follow an exact delivery distribution between different creative types, we recommend splitting the budget into multiple lines - one per ad type - in addition to applying pool rates.

Choose creative type:

Assign creatives button:

If your Creative Library is empty or there are no creatives of the selected creative type and size, click New creative:

If you have multiple VAST/VPAID tags to upload you can use the "UPLOAD IN BULK" feature by:

  • Downloading the excel template.

  • Filling out all of the fields

  • Saving to your computer then upload the template into the "UPLOAD IN BULK" section of the creative library.

Please note: UPLOAD IN BULK is only available in Branding campaigns and only for creatives using VAST or VPAID tags.

Input creative assets (this screen will be different depending on the creative type):

Assign creatives from Creative Library:

Creative successfully assigned to Line Item:


✅ The same creative can be used on multiple lines.

✅ You can have multiple creatives of the same size and format in one line.

✅ You can combine different formats/sizes in the same line.

Creative Optimization and Pool Rate

By default, when assigning multiple creatives to a line item, Teads automatically optimizes their delivery based on the likelihood to reach the desired outcome for each ad opportunity. This is called Creative Optimization (Formerly Automatic Pool Rate).

If you prefer to control creative delivery, disable Creative optimization and set the desired delivery rate (pool rate) for each creative.

Remove a Creative from a Line Item

  1. Click the "Creative" tile on the desired line item.

  2. Click the "ASSIGN CREATIVES" button.

  3. Clear the check box next to the creatives you want to remove from the line item.

  4. Click "ASSIGN".

Alternatively, if you manually set pool rates for assigned creatives, you can set the pool rate to 0% for the creative you want to stop delivering.

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