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Notifications within TAM:

This notification system will provide key information and warnings to TAM users, without the need for any internal Teads interventions!

Notification supported

In this first version of the notification, here are the signals that we support :

  1. Approval of a campaign

  2. Approval of a creative

  3. The first activity received on the pixel created in Events Manager

  4. A pixel has been shared with the entity

  5. A pixel has been revoked to the entity

More details:

  • All customers belonging to the seat will be notified once for all signals listed above.

  • Clicking on the notification will redirect the user to the appropriate page (ex: first activity on the pixel will redirect to the events manager tab)

  • All notifications are stored and kept indefinitely

How to check the notifications:

  1. Log into your Teads Ad Manager seat.

  2. On the top right corner you will see a bell icon:

3. Click on the bell icon to see the list of notification within your TAM seat:

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