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Scheduling Reports

Set-up a report as normal, more information in this article.

Then, at the bottom of the report, rather than selecting "Run now", select "Recurrent" to set the report template as an Automated report to pull at regular intervals.

You then have the below options to fill in:

Set frequency of retrieving data:

Every day: generate a daily report,

Every week: generate a weekly report; at the beginning of each week (Monday)

Every month: generate a monthly report; at the beginning of each month (the 1st of the month)

Set period of retrieving data:

Previous day, retrieves data from the previous day,

Previous week, retrieves data from the previous full week,

Past 7 days, retrieves data from the past 7 full days,

Previous month, retrieves data from the previous full month,

Sliding month, retrieves data up to the same day of last month,

Month to date, retrieves data from the beginning of the month to date.

Sending to email:

In addition to scheduling reports in the TAM seat, you can also schedule these to come through to an email inbox.

To do this, tick the "Also send report via email" checkbox and enter the email(s) that you would like to receive the reporting. (You can add multiple email addresses to the report).

When a report has been scheduled, an email containing the excel or .csv (depending on which format was selected - excel is by default) attachment of the report will be sent through to the email addresses assigned to the report:

You can then save your new report:

SAVE AND RUN, save it in the report tab and then generate the first report within the Report History

SAVE, save the report into the report tab without running it (the reports will then be automatically generated in the Report History at the frequency you have specified)

Please note:

  • In addition to the regular reporting, you have the option of being able to run the report whenever using the 'Run Now' button in the Report History page.

  • Recurrent reports will continue to populate in the Report History at the set frequency unless deleted from the seat

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