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Reporting Dimensions

The below table lists out and defines all dimensions found within the reporting section of Teads Ad Manager:

Dimension Name

Definition of Dimensions


Hour for the data


Day for the data


Month for the data (ISO8601 format containing first day in month)


Year for the data (ISO8601 format containing first day in year)

Advertiser ID

Teads id of the advertiser

Advertiser Name

Name of the advertiser

Campaign external integration code

Campaign code for integrating with another reporting system

Creative ID

Teads id of the creative

Creative Name

Name of the creative

Creative External Integration Code

Creative code for integrating with another reporting system

Creative Portfolio Item

Commercial name of the creative type

Creative Family Name

Creative family (Video, Viewable Display, etc)

Creative Type

Creative type (Carousel, Scroller, etc)

Creative Size

Creative size:

  • landscape

  • square

  • vertical

  • social

Auction Has Billable

Auction has billable - TRUE if the impression was billed, FALSE otherwise

⚠️ Computing if an event (impression, click, etc) was tracked as part of a billable session is based on a 30 minute window and could contain false negatives, when an event is part of a billable session but was tracked in a different time window.

There are no false positives.


Name of browser

Browser version

Browser version



  • Desktop

  • SmartTV

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

Country Code

Country code of the user - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format, ex: US, FR

Country Name

Country name of the user

Campaign Budget

Total campaign budget booked

Budget Spent Currency

Currency for budget spent (applicable for paid budget only)

Campaign Currency

Currency campaign is booked against

Conversion Type

For Traffic Acquisition campaign - Name of conversion pixel generated in Events Manager

Line Item Billable Event

Media event you will be billed for (CPM = Start // CPCV = Complete)

Line Item Budget

Total budget booked for a line item

Line Start Date

Start date of a line item

Line End Date

End date of a line item

Operating System

Name of operating system


automatic placement name

Seat ID

ID of client seat

Studio Action

Different metrics within a studio built creative (ex: click on endscreen)

Studio Creative ID

creative ID tied to a studio creative


Week of the data

Website Domain

The domain of the website

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