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Heavy Ads Intervention Troubleshooting

Below will cover how to troubleshoot different creatives that may be flagged for HAI.

Teads Ad Manager HAI Alerts:

After setting up your Teads Ad Manager campaign with your creatives you would like to run, you may be flagged by HAI based on the weight of the creative (if above 4MB). In this case, after the campaign is set live and is scanned by our ad scan technology, the campaign on the main Teads Ad Manager screen will show a limited delivery alert next to it:

In order to see the creative the HAI alert is stemming from, go into the campaign dashboard then navigate to the creatives tab to get a list of all active creatives where the alert icon will show which creative the HAI flag is coming from.

To not trigger HAI errors to live users, we automatically block the delivery on Chrome and Edge for every creative flagged above 4MB.

When your creative is built from Teads Ad Manager Creative Editor:

Normally, TAM Creative Editor automatically optimizes the assets (videos and images), so all ads created through this tool should be safe from Heavy Ad Interventions issues.

If you are using video(s) under 30 seconds, but you are still having issues, you can try and manually optimize the size of your assets so that the overall weight of the creative stays below 4MB, before uploading them again onto Teads Ad Manager.

If you are still having issues, get in touch with Teads via Teads Intercom or reach out to HAI@teads.com for more support.

When your creative is built from Teads Studio Creatives:

If your video(s) are under 30 seconds, you don't have to worry about Heavy Ad Intervention due to network bandwidth, as our Teads Studio designers will ensure they are within the acceptable weight (<4MB).

If there are specific reasons as to why we cannot get below the 4MB we will discuss these with you during the design process.

When your creative is built from 3rd Party Creative Editor:

If you are using a 3rd Party Creative Editor for your creatives, unfortunately, Teads wouldn't have the technical access to fix that for you.

You can try and manually optimize the size of your assets so that the overall weight of the creative stays below 4MB, but we advise you to get in touch with your 3rd Party Creative Editor contact [Celtra, Innovid, Google Creative, etc.] for validation and support.

for HAI:

QUESTION: Can I run a campaign using a video over 30 seconds?

🧠 ANSWER: If you have a video over 30 seconds:

  • It wouldn't normally trigger HAI network issues, provided it is smaller than 4MB - in its original or compressed version

  • It can still be delivered outside of Chrome and Edge browsers, if it is bigger than 4MB, even after compression

Please share the video with your Teads Account Manager or Creative ID via Teads Intercom who will help verify that.

QUESTION: Is there a way I can test VAST/VPAID tags prior to sending them to Teads so it does not slow down my campaign launch?

🧠 ANSWER: If it’s a Teads Studio Creative, our Teads Designers have already validated the creative for HAI Network issues. If you need to wrap the Teads Studio creative within a 3rd party tag (for instance for ad verification), please send it to us after wrapping and we'll test it again. If it’s a 3rd party creative, the ad should be tested by the 3rd party creative editor.

QUESTION: If Teads Studio needs to fix the creatives I am running, how long will this turnaround take?

🧠 ANSWER: If we just need to adapt the size, resolution, and bitrates of your assets (video or image) to lower their network size, it will be done during the creation process. If it is more of a design issue, we'll discuss it with you during the design process.

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