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The bulk add creatives feature within TAM Branding campaigns helps you save time if you have many Teads Studio or 3rd party VAST tags to set up in a campaign. This allows you to add all creatives at once into the creative library of the campaign rather than adding one creative at a time.

Note: Bulk creative upload is not available for raw MP4 video upload or Creative Editor formats.

Update: You can now add 1x1 pixels for impression/video start and/or billable event when adding creatives in bulk. You can also add a click through override URL for Studio creatives, which replaces the embedded creative click-through URL(s).

  1. In campaign editor, click the Creatives button on the bottom left side to open Creative Library.

  2. Click the Add In Bulk button. The bulk editor window will appear.

  3. Enter all creatives details in the editor (see details below). Creative name, format, size and VAST tag are required.

  4. After all the creative details are inputted, click Add X Creative(s) located on the bottom right-hand side. If the button is greyed out, check creative lines for cells with Required details.

  5. You can see all creatives added in the Creative Library and proceed to assign them.

Click Creatives:

Click Add in Bulk:

Template of bulk creative window:

Example of creative implementation into bulk creative upload template:

Creative information that can be uploaded in bulk:

  1. Name - Required

  2. Format - Required

  3. Size - Required

  4. Technology (VAST tag) - Required

  5. Tag (Tag’s URL) - Required

  6. External Integration Code - Optional

  7. Flight dates - Optional

  8. Studio Click Through Override - Optional

  9. Impression/Start Pixel - Optional

  10. Billable Pixel - Optional

Any other creative information needs to be added manually, by editing each creative.

Please Note: For video creative the 1x1 for Impression/Start pixel will fire at the start event and for display creatives the impression/start pixel will fire at impression. The billable pixel will fire at what the billable event is (what you are being charged for) for your line item. By default, the editor includes one column for each pixel type, but you can add up to 5 columns for each using the Add Column button to the right of the table header.

The Studio click through override replaces the embedded creative click-through URL(s) for Teads Studio creatives. In this way, you can add multiple TAM creatives using the same Studio VAST tag and different click-through URLs depending on your tracking needs.

Note: There is a limit of a maximum of 1000 creatives per campaign.

How to Work with the Bulk Editor

  • Double-click to edit the cell value

  • ⌘/Ctrl+C to copy one or more cells, ⌘/Ctrl+V to paste to one or multiple cells

  • Drag the cell cursor to copy information to other cells

  • ⌘/Ctrl+Z to undo and ⌘/Ctrl+⇧+Z to redo

  • Select the whole column by clicking into the table header then paste your copied value to update all the column rows

  • For dates, you can pick a value from the calendar or directly paste.

  • Hover the right border of a column header and drag left or right to resize the column.

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