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Allows you to apply a site-list or block-list to certain websites from the delivery of a campaign.

    Only the included websites deliver impressions. No other websites from Teads inventory except the included ones will deliver.


You need at least 20 websites to be able to "INCLUDE".

    None of the excluded websites deliver impressions but all the other websites from Teads inventory/included list will.


The list of websites added to the inventory is analyzed and matched with our inventory. The websites that are not found in the Teads inventory will not be used.

Creating and Managing Sitelists

All the sitelists in your seat are stored in the Data Management > Sitelists section. In this section, you can create new sitelists, see the ones you've already created and delete sitelists that you do not need anymore.

Creating a Sitelist

To create a sitelist, first navigate to Data Management > Sitelists section in Teads Ad Manager. Then click on the New Sitelist button.

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, the “Websites & Apps Lists” section allows you to create two different types of lists when clicking on “New List”:

  • Web & Mobile App: standard site lists based on domains, to target on Web & Mobile App line items.

  • CTV: lists of CTV applications to target on CTV line items. See Creating a CTV App List below for more details.

The next step is to input your domain names. At this point, a sitelist can take maximum of 20.000 domains. Once you've inputted your domains, click Next to start the domain matching process.

The system will now match the websites you've inputted with the Teads network, and remove the website domains for which we do not have a match. Going forward, the sitelist will only use the domain names that matched the Teads network.

After reviewing the websites that matched (named Eligible) and the ones that did not match (named Not Eligible) give your sitelist a meaningful name and click on the Save button. If you're not happy with the eligible websites, you can always go back by clicking on Edit Websites button which will restart the process.

Your new sitelist has now been saved and you will see it in the listing, together with the number of websites and the date it was created on.

📺 Creating a CTV App List

  1. Click on “New List”, then “CTV”, then “Next”

  2. Specify a name for your app list in the “Apps List Name” field.

  3. Search and select the CTV apps that you would like to add to the list in the “Apps List” field.

  4. Alternatively, you can type or paste a list of App Bundle IDs with line breaks directly in the text field.

  5. Click “Next” to validate your app selection. If some incorrect or unavailable bundle IDs were typed in the previous step, they will be automatically flagged and removed from the selection.

  6. Click “Next” to save your list.

Managing Sitelists

In the Data Management > Sitelists section you will see a listing of your sitelists. For each sitelist you will see the unique identifier (ID), the list name, the number of websites, and the date it was created on.

You can click on the number of websites in order to see the details.

Using Sitelists for Targeting

Now that your sitelist is created, you can use it for targeting your campaigns.

You will find your sitelists in the targeting section of your line item, under the Websites targeting element.

You can include or exclude one or more sitelists from the delivery, or even include some sitelists and exclude others. In addition to sitelists you can also include or exclude individual websites one-by-one by clicking on the WEBSITES button. When using both sitelists and individual websites, the delivery system will respect both restrictions.

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