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Note: If you are leveraging a pixel in one of your traffic acquisition campaigns (for optimization and/or tracking purposes), up to two new sections will appear under the campaign dashboard:

  • Traffic

  • Conversions


This view will be available as soon as you are optimizing toward quality

The Traffic Section of the dashboard show the site traffic analytics stemming from the URL conversion pixel placed on the site. This will only show traffic to the site and not custom conversions that you might have chosen to track.


This view will be available as soon as you are tracking conversion(s) in your Traffic Acquisition campaign, leveraging Funnel analytics, in the advanced option of the bidding strategy.

The Conversions section of the dashboard will show the number of total conversions counted within the lookback window implemented within the bidding pane of the insertions/line items in the Traffic Acquisition campaign.

This view will also easily show the total conversion rate from click to conversion fire. On the top of the chart, you can filter to just one custom (lower funnel) conversion to see the count and conversion rate by specific conversion:

The dimension Conversion Name is now available in TAM monitoring. The below screenshot shows the Conversions reporting page, on which you’ll find all conversions KPIs attached to both event and URL Conversions.

Please note that defining a Conversion Name when setting up events is mandatory if you want to report on several conversions within a same event type.


From this page, you can manually stop the delivery of your campaign on poor performing websites according to your KPI.

The option is available in Traffic Acquisition campaigns and can be applied at the campaign or line item level.

Eg: if your goal is to minimize Cost Per Visit, you might consider to remove all website generating a Cost Per Visit 3 times higher than your target

You can perform this action at line item or campaign level, following the below steps:

Note: Teads algorithm already focuses the delivery on the best performing placements for each ad opportunity. We consequently recommend to not block too many websites at the risk of impacting Teads predictions and optimizations.

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