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Teads Traffic Acquisition is the market’s most advanced traffic solution, powered by predictive AI to optimize towards qualified visits by serving your message to those most likely to engage & generate a low bounce rate, multiple pages viewed & high time spent per session. Reach these consumers in quality and brand-safe environments, using viewable-by-design formats built for performance.

The solution is underpinned by Teads performance formula for success:

Go further than ever before to drive quality traffic outcomes with the latest iteration of Traffic Acquisition with powerful new features and packages including:

  • Goal Based Bidding

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (Single Image)

  • Retail Traffic Solutions

A) Goal Based Bidding

Objective: Powerful automatic bid optimization to drive to any traffic outcome from classic KPIs incl. CTR to advanced KPIs such as bounce rate.


  • Advanced KPIs supported including target bounce rate, target cost per visit and target CTR

  • Set the degree of optimization between soft and hard targets (maximize outcomes or reach a target)

  • Take the guess-work and manual optimization out by leveraging automated AI-powered KPI optimization

  • Set up your bid strategy in less than 2 minutes

Find the right bid strategy for your KPI:

                         *Teads pixel required

Please note that it will no longer be possible to measure conversions when the objective is generating Clicks (CPC or CTR optimizations). This option remains only available for Visits.

B) Dynamic Creative Optimization (Single Image)

Objective: Quickly set up a dynamic creative with many asset variations and let machine learning automatically choose the best asset combination for each ad opportunity to drive better performance.


  • Save time & resources on ad creation

  • More variations, including Call to actions (up to 125 in total)

  • Eliminate manual A/B Testing

  • Reduce user ad fatigue

  • Achieve higher ad engagement

  • Better overall campaign outcomes

C) Retail Traffic Solutions

Objective: Maximize traffic to your retail event and measure your retail ROI


  • Maximize event traffic without sacrificing quality

  • Powerful retail insights from your e-com store or 3rd Party retailer

  • AI-powered click optimization

Teads Retail Traffic Solutions comprise of 2 commercial packages:

Traffic Acquisition Reachcast:

  • Outline: Drive maximum traffic to your website or 3rd party retailer for a short promotion

  • Formats: Display (Single Image, Social Post Image, Carousel), Video (Single Video & Social Post Video) + Countdown feature recommended

  • Duration: 12 hours – 5 days

  • Recommended For: Short Promotional Event e.g. Flash Sale

  • Pixel Required: No, but a pixel is recommended to measure traffic quality and conversions

  • Buying Channel: Managed Service only (please contact your Teads Rep. or reach out via Intercom for more details)

  • Outline: Drive maximum traffic to your product pages on the Amazon retail store and measure your ROI with unique Amazon retail metrics

  • Formats: Single Image, Single Video, Carousel

  • Duration: 2-3 weeks min.

  • Recommended For: Brands that sell products on Amazon and have an Amazon Attribution Account.

  • Pixel Required: Yes, an Amazon Attribution pixel is required to be applied on Teads side at the creative level

  • Buying Channel: TAM Managed or Self-Serve


For more information, please contact your Teads Rep. or reach out via Intercom.

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