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QUESTION: How can I add new users to my seat?

🧠ANSWER: Here are the steps to add new users to a seat:

1 – Log into your seat

2 -Navigate to the settings icon on the top right of the UI and go to “User Management”

3 – Click on “Add New User”

4 – Add the user’s name, email and account settings (admin or user)

5 – Click on “Add User” on the bottom after inputting the user’s details.

QUESTION: I want to have access to reporting only for TAM campaigns. What is the right user role?

🧠ANSWER: There are 4 user roles in TAM. Please see below:



Ad Manager admin

  • Can manage users in the seat

  • Can create & edit campaigns

  • Can see campaign reporting

Reporting admin

  • Can manage users in the seat

  • Can see campaign reporting

Ad Manager user

  • Can create & edit campaigns

  • Can see campaign reporting

Reporting user

  • Can see campaign reporting

QUESTION: I can't set a campaign live, what would be the cause?

🧠ANSWER: There might be 2 reasons which happened quite often:

1 - Creatives aren't assigned to each line item.

2 - The campaign is not set up appropriately in order to activate the campaign.

In other cases, 1st step is to go through the setup and make sure everything is correctly set up. If you can't detect anything, please reach out to the TAM expert team via Teads Intercom.

QUESTION: I have 40 Creatives to set up on the campaign... Can we upload creatives not by each but same time?

🧠ANSWER: Yes, by using the "UPLOAD IN BULK" function on the creative assign page, you could upload every creative at one time. To do this, you need to fill in the template and upload it into the creative library by dragging and dropping the .xlsx file or selecting it from your computer. Please note: this feature is only available for the Branding Objective.

QUESTION: Can I on-board a brand's 1st party Audience and apply in Teads Ad Manager?

🧠ANSWER: A Teads Data expert needs to onboard them and assign them to the given seat to utilize when setting up a campaign. Please reach out to us on Teads Intercom if this is a need.

QUESTION: I didn't set up any site-list inventory with only geo-targeting, are we delivering on all the websites (RON) in this case?

🧠ANSWER: Yes, without website-targeting, we will deliver any websites connected with Teads as long as the users are in the geo you chose. If you want to target someone native in the region, recommend using "website language" set up to make sure you're targeting the right users.

QUESTION: My campaign is under pacing, what would be the actions to be taken?

🧠ANSWER: Please Go to Teads Ad Manager reporting UI and see the "Auction" tab. If low bid response - please check the targeting set up and see if you can loosen up. If low win rate - Bidding price might be too low for your targeting. Please increase the bidding price.

QUESTION: For an upcoming branding campaign, we have KPI goal of VTR 70%. Shall I set a minimum value KPI on the line item to secure the performance?

🧠ANSWER: The answer might be no. The reason is - by having a minimum value for your KPI, you will not buy impressions that are not likely to match your KPI value. If your KPI value is too high, then the line item might not scale the spend. To address this issue, you can either reduce the KPI value, increase your bid or reduce your targeting restrictions. Our best practice is to set the KPI goal without minimum value and let the campaign run for a few days to get a read on the KPI selected, then set a threshold off of that so scale is not very limited from the start.

QUESTION: Why is the eCPM today higher than my max rate?

🧠ANSWER: On occasions where your line item is not delivering enough, we could bid higher than your maximum bid but on average the clearing price will be lower than your max bid set.

QUESTION: Why am I not scaling as much as I should be?

🧠ANSWER: Check your targeting and see if there are any parameters that can be loosened in order to scale up. See if you are losing on max bid and increase if possible.

QUESTION: We have reporting within one centralized location, how can we get TAM reporting ported there?

🧠ANSWER: Teads will have to set you up with an API integration into your centralized reporting dashboard. Please see API section here.

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