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Branding Campaigns - Overview, Campaign Step-by-Step Set-Up & UI Features

A Teads Ad Manager user should select branding as an objective in order to drive awareness for the brand as well as showcase products/services or a specific company and want to engage with a specific or broader audience.

Within a branding campaign, a Teads Ad Manager user has the ability to transact on guaranteed outcomes such as cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) or viewable CPM (vCPM) but can, of course, transact on a CPM model as well. Read this article for more info on guaranteed outcomes.

Campaign Step by Step Set-Up:

Campaign and line item details:

First, log into https://ads.teads.tv/ and make sure you are under the correct seat (located on the top right)

Please note, as of Feb 2022, you can now duplicate TAM campaigns if need be:
This lives on the campaign home screen where you just need to hover over the campaign name to see the duplication option:

Or you can create a new campaign:

Click "New Campaign" and select the branding as the campaign objective:

From there you will need to fill out the campaign details such as:

  • Name

  • Advertiser (Brand Advertiser in case your main seat belongs from an Advertiser and not an agency seat)

  • Paid Budget (and Added Value if your campaign has added value budget approved)

  • Enable Dynamic Budget Allocation if desired (if not, leave disabled)

  • Flight Date

  • Frequency Capping

After the campaign details are filled in, you can add a line item to your campaign by clicking "ADD LINE" on the bottom left:

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, you will see two options when clicking on “Add Line”:

  • Web & Mobile App: the standard Line Item type to deliver video and display ads on web (mobile & desktop) and mobile applications

  • CTV: a special type of Line Item to deliver your video ads on Connected TV. See CTV Line Item setup.

When you add a line, you will need to fill out the following line item details:

  • Line Item Name

  • Budget (set to daily or lifetime)

  • Start & end dates (ensure your timezone is correct)

  • Enable frequency capping if need be

  • Select pacing (recommended to leave as "ahead")

  • Set day-parting if necessary

TIP: If you have multiple line items with similar settings, you can drag down the settings from one line to the new line in order to save time or duplicate the existing line item then change the line item settings, creatives, targeting or bid strategy as seen fit.

You can also delete a line if you made a mistake to have a clean setup of your campaign. (note: you can only delete a line prior to activation, once the line item is live you can not delete it)

Creative Implementation:

Next, you will need to implement creatives and assign them to the given line. You need to navigate to the next tile and click on "Add Creative"

  • Choose the creative category that this line item will deliver.

  • For Branding campaigns: Video, Viewable Display, Social Video, Social Image or MPU Banner.

  • Choose the size that the creatives will have. Landscape (16:9), Square (1:1) or Vertical (9:16)

  • Assign a creative: at least one creative must be assigned on the line item however, you can assign multiple creative but they all must be of the same type and size

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, see CTV compatible Creatives.

Choose creative type:

Upload the creative assets or VASt tag with any additional trackers (if applicable) The size will be automatically read:

Your Creative Library is empty, click on New creative:

If you have multiple VAST/VPAID tags to upload you can use the "UPLOAD IN BULK" feature by:

  • Downloading the excel template.

  • Filling out all of the fields

  • Saving to your computer then upload the template into the "UPLOAD IN BULK" section of the creative library.

Please note: UPLOAD IN BULK is only available in Branding campaigns and only for creatives using VAST or VPAID tags.

Input creative assets (this screen will be different depending on the creative type):

In all creative uploads, you can now set flight dates on the creatives by clicking " Set flight dates for creative" then selecting the correct days the creative will only serve.

Assign creatives from Creative Library:

Creative successfully assigned to Line Item:

Please see all available Branding creative formats and specs here.

Targeting implementation: For a complete detail around all targeting features please see the articles linked to the below 3 sections listed.

You will first have to choose between Standard and Cookieless targeting.

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, see CTV Line Item setup for specific targeting options.

The targeting section is broken up into 3 sections:

There is no minimum targeting requirement but Teads' "Standard" brand safety is automatically selected.

Import a plan from the Planner

If you have already created a targeting strategy via Planner, you can import it into a line.

Click on "IMPORT PLAN" at the top right within the Targeting section.

From here, you will be able to look for the Plan you want to apply into your campaign line. Once you have selected the Plan, click "Import."

The line should automatically populate with the targeting settings from the Plan you chose.

You can additionally make any changes from the targeting section directly.


  • Any changes made to a plan will not be applied to campaign lines that used the plan import function. If you want to change targeting on a running campaign, you must do so within the campaign setup and not through the Planner.

  • All selected geolocations will be imported into one line item. For example, if you have Japan and Australia selected in a Plan, the imported version will also be one line item with both Japan and Australia selected within the targeting.

Live Planner within targeting section:

As you are adding targeting rules the app will compute the estimated audience reach (Teads IDs) and the number of ad opportunities that your line item will receive. So before starting the campaign, you will be able to know the impacts of using any combinations of the different targeting rules. We are able to accurately compute this number by analyzing one-week of ad opportunities.

Monthly values are set by default, however you can easily switch to daily figures by selecting the "Daily" tab on the left. These figures will also update in the line item targeting box, dependent on whether Monthly or Daily is selected.

What is a Teads ID? We use Teads IDs to define our reach figure. Teads IDs are associated with browsers or devices, not people. If a person uses multiple devices, such as a phone, a tablet, and two different browsers on a laptop, each device or browser is identified separately. Similarly, if people share a computer or a device, a single Teads ID might represent multiple people. So if someone views your ad in Chrome, then visits your website in Firefox, Teads will have no way of associating the ad impression with the visit of your site, even though both events took place on the same computer.

Bidding Strategy:

In the final tile, you will need to select your bidding strategy for your campaign from the three options to choose from:

  • Cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) => Guaranteed outcome bidding strategy

TIP: Best practices is to use a 15 second creative and have the CPCV set to 15 seconds for best performance results. CPCV can go up to max 30 seconds for billing.

After selecting CPCV, you will need to put in your CPCV bid rate

  • Viewable CPM (vCPM) => Guaranteed outcome bidding strategy

TIP: vCPM can go up to 30 seconds as a max but the best practice would be to have a vCPM at 2 seconds for video and vCPM of 1 second for display per the MRC standards.

After selecting vCPM, you will need to put in your vCPM bid rate

  • CPM

Note: There are only two options for CPM bidding for billing purposes: Video start for video creatives and Impression for display creatives.

After selecting CPM, you will need to put in your CPM bid rate

After selecting your bid strategy of CPCV, vCPM or CPM, you will need to select if your bid rate will be set to "Dynamic" or "Fixed"

  • Dynamic (Strongly recommended to yield best cost efficiencies): Your bid is the maximum price that you will pay for. You will deliver a larger number of outcomes at a better price

  • Fixed: Your pay exactly what you bid. Your delivery a predictable number of outcomes controlling pacing on outcomes and ad serving costs.

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, see CTV Line Item setup for specific bidding options.

Optimization Goal

If you select CPM as your bid strategy, you have the ability to enable "Optimization for delivery" which allows you to select a primary KPI of either:

  • Completion Rate (VCR)

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

  • Viewability Rate powered by MOAT

Campaign's optimization for delivery will choose the best-performing impressions to better reach your campaign goals through Teads' AI-driven algorithm. This is only available for CPM buys as vCPM and CPCV are guaranteed outcomes where the main KPI of VCR for CPCV and viewability for vCPM are already being taken into account for those bid strategies. For more on guaranteed outcomes, please see here.

After selecting your KPI, you can set a target for your primary KPI, however, we suggest letting the campaign run for a day or two prior to setting a target in order to see what the organic rate is coming in at and set accordingly off of that so delivery is not halted by a very extreme target set.

Example with minimum target set:

Campaign Activation:

After you have successfully completed the four tiles (budget, creative, targeting, bid) you can then press "GO LIVE" which will then set the campaign active.

Please note: After clicking on "GO LIVE" the campaign and creatives are reviewed by Teads then activated within Teads' Ad Server, please give it 12 business hours before analyzing any results from your campaign in order to have our buying engine ramp up the delivery after activation.

After clicking "GO LIVE" your Teads Ad Manager campaign is now active Congratulations!!!

Please see below for your Teads Ad Manager Best Practice Playbook for Branding campaigns:

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