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This product allows you to drive brand awareness while engaging with a specific desired audience and achieving guaranteed outcomes

Choose this objective to:

  • Increase your brand awareness across Teads Inventory

  • Showcase your products, services, or company

  • Engage with a specific or broader audience.


  • Achieve 100% viewability with CPCV and vCPM pricing

  • Achieve cost-effective viewable outcomes

Overview of a Branding campaign

Step 1: Click on the “NEW CAMPAIGN” button from the Campaign listing screen:

Choose campaign objective

You must first choose your campaign objective:

  • Branding

Input campaign information

The campaign structure and all its line items are visually represented on the left. Access to properties and set-up is made by selecting any section from it and using the form that appears on the right.

The mandatory fields for the campaign are

  • Campaign name

  • Advertiser

  • Total budget

  • Start date and end date

Step 2: Add line items

Once you set-up campaign details, it's time to create the different line items. Click on the “ADD LINE” button to add line items to the campaign.

A campaign must have at least one line item in order to deliver.

📺 CTV: if your seat is eligible to Connected TV, you will see two options when clicking on “Add Line”:

  • Web & Mobile App: the standard Line Item type to deliver video and display ads on web (mobile & desktop) and mobile applications

  • CTV: a special type of Line Item to deliver your video ads on Connected TV. See CTV Line Item setup.

Once you click on the "ADD LINE" button the first line item will be added to your campaign.

A line is divided into 4 sections:

  • Budget

  • Creative

  • Targeting

  • Bidding

In order to access the various settings just click on the relevant box on the line item, and the settings will appear in the right panel.


  • Select the "Budget" section of the line item

  • Input line item name

  • Input line item budget

  • Input line item flight dates


  • Select the "Creative" section of the line item

  • Choose the creative type that this line item will deliver.

For Branding campaigns - available creative types: Video, Viewable Display, Social Video, Social Image or MPU Banner

  • Choose the size that the creatives will have: Landscape (16:9), Square (1:1) or Vertical (9:16)

  • Assign a creative at least one creative must be assigned on the line item. You can assign multiple creative but they all must be of the same type and size

Choose creative type

Choose creative size

Assign creatives button

Your Creative Library is empty, click on New creative

Input creative assets (this screen will be different depending on the creative type)

Assign creatives from Creative Library

Creative successfully assigned to Line Item


  • There is no minimum targeting requirement.

  • The line will run on the entire network & worldwide geography if no targeting is used.

Targeting module

Targeting added to Line Item


  • The buying models that are available depend on the campaign objective and the creative type chosen for the line item

  • We recommend using a guaranteed outcome buying model such as vCPM or CPCV instead of CPM impression buying model

Step 3. Go Live

  • Now all you need to do is click the GO LIVE button

  • Once that's done, your campaign will go through the approval process and then will be set live (this should happen within 24 business hours)

  • You can still make changes to your campaign

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