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Quickly checking campaign pacing

On the campaign homepage you can quickly check the pace of your given campaign by following the below:

Finding your campaign in TAM

Under the campaign listing, you can see the campaign flight and budget spent.

‌To view the dashboard for a specific campaign, find the campaign and click on the name to get redirected to the dashboard.

Campaign Status

The field is not available for new campaigns, and it only appears once the campaign has been submitted.

Waiting for approval

All new campaigns go through an approval process before they are able to deliver impressions.

When a campaign is newly created it will have a status of Waiting for approval.


When the status is Active, the line items with a status of Active will serve impressions.

Once the campaign has been approved it will have a status of Active.


When the status is Inactive, the campaign will not serve any impressions, regardless if the individual line item status is Active or Inactive.

During the campaign lifetime you can change the status to Inactive.

Campaign Dashboard

The campaign dashboard is a visual and fast way to see how your campaign is performing. You have access to charts & tables so you can breakdown the data using different dimensions.

Learn more about the Campaign Dashboard

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