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Navigating the Campaign List in Teads Ad Manager

The campaign listing provides a list of all the campaigns in your seat. It will by default show 10 campaigns per page.

For each campaign, you can click on the EDIT button in order to open the campaign for updates or on the REPORT button in order to see the campaign stats.

Clicking on the campaign will navigate you to the campaign stats page.


You can search campaigns using

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign name

  • Advertiser name

Campaign Status:

The field is not available for new campaigns, and it only appears once the campaign has been submitted.

Waiting for approval

All new campaigns go through an approval process before they are able to deliver impressions.

When a campaign is newly created it will have a status of Waiting for approval.


When the status is Active, the line items with a status of Active will serve impressions.

Once the campaign has been approved it will have a status of Active.


When the status is Inactive, the campaign will not serve any impressions, regardless if the individual line item status is Active or Inactive. During the campaign lifetime, you can change the status to Inactive.

Status filter

Another way to filter your campaigns is by campaign status:

  • Active - Shows campaigns with a status of active or waiting for approval.

  • Inactive - Shows campaigns with a status of inactive.

  • Upcoming - Shows campaigns with a status of active or inactive with the flight start date in the future.

  • Finished - Shows campaigns with a status of active or inactive with the flight end date in the past.

  • All - Shows all campaigns.

Campaigns list and stats

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign status: Waiting for approval, Active or Inactive

  • Campaign name, Agency and Advertiser

  • Objective (Branding | Traffic Acquisition)

  • Budget delivered until now, Budget pacing and Total budget

  • Flight, Days remaining in flight, Flight pacing

Note: campaign start date, end date, and progress are displayed using the timezone set at the campaign level and not the user timezone.

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