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The Global Media Platform: Teads Ad Manager (TAM)

Today’s ad tech ecosystem is highly fragmented with many layers each built by many different companies. This results in tech friction, such as slower innovation, VAST errors, low data match rates, measurement discrepancies; as well as performance challenges such as AI is not inventory specific, low scale, and only CPM-based transactions.

Additionally, the open web is overrun with brand safety concerns from poor quality publishers. DSPs integrate across all SSPs to provide clients with the highest possible online reach, but this often comes at the expense of inventory quality and context curation.

To tackle these issues, Teads created Teads Ad Manager providing clients with a seamless end-to-end solution to access the curated internet. In addition, we have custom integrations in place with IAS, Grapeshot, DoubleVerify and MOAT to reinforce our commitment to brand safety and ad fraud.

Teads Ad Manager offers a single access point to Teads’ 1.7 billion monthly uniques across premium editorial content. The platform also provides clients with guaranteed outcome transaction models, cost efficiencies and stronger performance both due to Teads’ own predictive AI, as well as increased scale due to 100% data match rates and low VAST errors.

Since Teads has built a holistic solution including: Teads Ad Manager, Teads Predictive AI, Teads Studio, Teads Audiences, and Teads SSP, we have been able to innovate quickly since each component is fully integrated into one another. Teads Ad Manager is an incredibly intuitive UI as it is very easy to use even for first-time users.

We are here for you if you need any assistance in getting started on the platform!


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