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Increase your knowledge of Teads Ad Manager through our online training platform, Teads Academy! All training courses are led by platform experts, designed to deepen your confidence and skills with Teads Ad Manager. Each course includes a quiz followed by an official certification and badge that is shareable on your Linkedin profile.

There are currently two available programs to lead you towards your TAM certification:

1.Intro to TAM is a general course for anyone interested in learning about the benefits of Teads Ad Manager. These bite-sized videos will go over how you can use the platform as a solution for scaling with brand safety and premium publications, end-to-end solution offerings, intuitive UI, and identifying your campaign objectives.

2. Alternatively, if you are a trader, you can dive in even deeper with our “Trade with Teads” certification courses. In addition to the Intro to TAM course, the TAM UI Overview course is available as step-by-step UI navigation of the platform for ease of campaign set up and usage of reporting.

Aside from the certification courses, our “Supplemental Features Library” is also available whenever you need a refresher on platform features when setting up campaigns.

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