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Purpose of Teads Ad Manager

Teads Ad Manager is a full end-to-end buying platform that allows you to create and manage your own advertising campaigns using the entire Teads premium publisher marketplace, creating direct access to quality at scale for our clients. Teads Ad Manager also provides real-time analytics which helps you see how campaigns are performing and quickly take actions based on the received data.


Industry Leading UI:

We cut out all the confusing clutter and crafted an intuitive and user-friendly UI - set up a campaign within minutes!

Better Scale:

Teads Ad Manager will allow for better scale through the use of our cookieless inventory. You are missing 51% of your audience through ads that do not have cookies attached but Teads Ad Manager will give you 100% through our cookieless inventory and cookieless translator tool. Our targeting solutions are cookieless by design:

And our Cookieless Solutions WORK!

Access to premium publishers in a brand-safe environment:

Here at Teads, we believe in clean advertising. Through our partnerships with IAS, DoubleVerify, MOAT, and Grapeshot, we ensure all impressions are served within a viewable, brand-safe, and fraud-free environment at no additional costs.

Cost Savings and Increased Performance:

Since we are directly integrated with our publishers, no one knows our inventory better than our buying engine, leading to lower VAST Errors, better performance on your campaign KPIs, increased scale, and the most efficient clearing prices.

Portal to proprietary features such as:

  • Guaranteed Outcomes - Buying on CPCV (branding only) , vCPM (branding only), CPC (Traffic Acquisition only) , CPM (both branding and Traffic Acquisition)

  • Teads Audiences

  • Teads Contextual

  • Predictive AI

  • Unique Product Offerings

  • Cookieless Inventory

  • Cookieless Audience Translator

  • and many, many more!

Reporting & Analytics:

  • Generate real-time & scheduled reporting.

  • Seamlessly access campaign performance

  • Unify all your campaign reporting into one interface via Teads API

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